Camper Mail

Mail is the lifeblood of summer camp and we want to make sure your campers are able to enjoy this aspect to its fullest. Mail to camp from the Greater Toronto Area usually takes 2-5 days to arrive. We encourage families to start sending mail as early as 2 weeks before the start of the session if you would like to ensure that there is already a letter waiting for your camper upon their arrival.

All Camper mail should be addressed as follows:

Camper First and Last Name
c/o Camp Shalom
Box 790
Gravenhurst, Ontario
P1P 1V1

Campers look forward to receiving mail from home and hearing from you, but your letters may also have unintended consequences, such a triggering bouts of homesickness. Here are some tips for when you are writing to your campers:

1) Ask lots of questions! Not only do you want to know all about their camp experience, but encouraging them to think over their time at camp will also help to remind themselves about all the fun things they have enjoyed.

2) A little encouragement goes a long way. Take time to reinforce to your camper how proud you are of them for going away to camp and demonstrating how grown-up they are.

3) Share news from the home front. Part of the excitement of receiving mail at camp is that campers will get to learn about what is going on at home. It’s ok to share a little bit, but don’t over-emphasize any events or activities that your camper may particularly feel bad about missing.

4) Don’t make promises about letting them call home or coming up to camp to pick them up. Even if your camper is having a difficult time adjusting to life at overnight camp, giving them these “out-clauses” will cause them to fixate on these solutions and will not allow them to open up to the idea of giving camp a try. Our counsellors are trained to work with campers in overcoming their anxieties about being away from home and will never say to a camper that they should just go home early. Please help our staff by supporting these strategies.

5) Get the whole family involved. Encourage friends and relatives to write and respond to your camper’s news from camp enthusiastically.

We have a NO PACKAGE POLICY at camp. Packages sent to campers will be returned at the sender’s expense. If an urgent delivery is required (e.g. replacement eyeglasses, medications, etc.), please contact the camp office for courier delivery details.