During the day at camp many Hebrew words are used to describe activities, buildings, events, or jobs. For staff that are new to Shalom, or unfamiliar with the Hebrew language, here are some words to help you through your day:

Chadar Ochel- dining room

Mifkad- flagpole ceremonies (raising/lowering/anthems)

Chug/Chugim- activity/activities

Ulam- recreational hall

Toran- monitor (waiter)

Rosh Toranut- Head monitor (head waiter)

Shmira- night watch (watches cabins after campers in bed)

Shaliach- Emissary from Israel

Hatikvah- Israel’s national anthem

Beit Haknesset- synagogue

Seudah Shleesheet- the third meal on Shabbat, usually Saturday afternoon

Rikud- dance

Shira- song

Bama- drama