Camp Activities


Baseball: Baseball chug is a great place to enjoy baseball while at camp! Activities, drills, and games can help campers develop important baseball skills all while having a fun time with friends.

Hockey: Hockey chug is a great opportunity for campers to play hockey with their friends. In Hockey chug,  campers can expect to play in regular games in addition to other hockey activities like a skills contest. Hockey chug is a great for any campers out there who are hockey fans.

Gymnastics: Gymnastics is a very popular chug at Camp Shalom where campers can learn new easy skills or advance their previous skills. We use different equipment in a very safe way with many staff guiding and spotting the campers in order for them to learn new skills. For campers to be further engaged, we have skill boards so the campers remain motivated and don’t give up!

Basketball: At basketball chug, kids will get the chance to improve on their basketball skills and have fun while doing so. We will run regular basketball games, as well as other games such as, three ball and bump. Our number one priority is to ensure every camper is enjoying their time on the chug and staying safe.

Fitness: At fitness chug campers participate in exercise circuits, walks/runs, zumba and other activities with their friends! This chug gives campers an opportunity to set and achieve goals with the help of their staff! Fitness chug is a great way to run around and get in shape while having a good time!

Football: Football is one of the most popular activities at camp. At football chug, whether it’s just throwing the ball around, or having a scrimmage, it’s always super fun and active. Campers get to practice their football skills for their upcoming SFL games, and have a good time with other campers in their unit.

SFL: The Shalom Football League, or the SFL, is the camp wide flag football league and is an extremely prominent part of the camp experience for many campers. The campers are divided up into teams that are coached by the staff, who also get to name their teams after NFL teams to enhance the experience for everyone involved. At the end of every session the top two teams play in the Super Bowl, which is propped up and made special and both the campers and staff get very into it!


Ski: The “Ski Chug” at Camp Shalom is one of the most popular waterfront chugs for campers to pick. This chug teaches, as well as helps campers improve their abilities at water skiing, knee boarding and wakeboarding! With equipment like the boom, campers who have never skied, wake boarded or knee boarded before learn the skills necessary for going behind the boat with ease and gain confidence. Even further, to motivate the campers to advance their skills, bronze, silver and gold medals are given for each watersport, making the campers push to excel at whichever sport they are learning.

Canoe: A classic waterfront chug at camp, where campers can take canoes/kayaks out to various locations on the lake and play games on the water!

Swim: Swim is the only mandatory chug at camp. Swim chug offers engaging classes for a wide range of instructional swim lessons for campers in any and all levels! We offer Lifesaving Society courses from Level 1 all the way to Bronze Cross. All of our instructors are well trained and happy to help campers reach their full swimming potential in a safe and fun environment!


Music: At music chug, campers can choose from a large array of instruments that they’d like to play. Whether beginner or advanced, with the help of the staff, campers can improve their skills while having an amazing time on the chug!

Dance: The dance chug at Camp Shalom gives campers a chance to showcase their best moves. Whether they’re a beginner or have experience, there’s a place for everyone. Dance gives campers a chance to be with their friends, stay active and have fun!

Bama: Bama lets campers take their turn on the stage to be apart of some great plays being made this summer. Each unit gets to put on their own play to be watched by the whole camp. If you love being on stage and acting, Bama is the chug for you!

A&C: From boondoggle to making things with clay, arts and crafts allow the campers to flex their creative muscles in a chug that each day does a new fun project. A & C gives you the chance to make fun artistic creations that you can show your family and friends at the end of the summer.

Painting: In painting chug, campers get to express their creativity in a fun and supportive environment. Campers learn the basics of painting and make beautiful art with their friends, experimenting with new techniques and ideas. Painting chug is both fun and relaxing, allowing campers to develop their art skills. Looking forward to a colorful summer!


Ropes: The ropes chug is a fun and active activity which encourages kids to step outside their comfort zone. After climbing to the top of the ropes course we see the pride in the camper’s eyes and as they come down, the excitement and longing to do it again. The ropes chug gives kids the physical activity they need and the fun they crave all in one. 

Combat: Combat is a great way to get active while learning self-defense skills. Not only will you have an incredible time, but you’ll also learn important skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Come join us in Combat chug for an engaging, fun, and active time!

Media: Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a camera, film a movie, or edit a video? Well, at Media Chug you can learn all that and more! Join us at Media Chug for amazing activities including painting with light, landscape photography, and film production. 

Radio: Radio is a Chug that allows you to find your voice for things in the world. Countless debates can be started and you can hear most of your favourite songs! It’s also a great place to take a breather from an energy filled camp life

Mad Science: In the Mad Science Chug we will be exploring many different interesting experiments to expand the minds of the campers. This will help them understand the world we live in. We are going to do experiments like elephant toothpaste and ooblek to inspire a love of science and spark a new generation of young scientists.

Outdoors: Outdoors chug is an opportunity for campers to enjoy spending time getting to know the nature that surrounds them at camp. With hiking, archery, cooking over the fire there is something for everyone on this chug. A chug tradition is making banana s’mores over the fire which has always been a camper favorite.