Camp Shalom, located along beautiful Lake Muskoka, has been serving the Jewish community of Ontario since its founding in 1948. 

With a great view of the ropes course, the Chadar is where the whole camp congregates for all meals.  The large kitchen is situated here providing delicious and nutritious meals for all our campers. It is also a large indoor space used for programming on rainy days.

The Ulam is situated “across the street”.  The building houses our drama program and displays many of the Maccabiah Plaques.  The whole camp can fit in this building for indoor programming.

Music House
Behind the Ulam is our music shed.  We have various instruments for the kids to play such as; keyboards, drums and guitars.

Beit Knesset
This building which is beautifully decorated with Judaica murals done by our painting chug is where Friday and Saturday prayer services are held.  

Sports Fields
We have two large fields for all of our great sports chugs.  The “new” field on the road into camp is where we play baseball, tennis or hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer and football.  The “old” field is centrally located. We play football here. This is also where our flagpole is and everyone gathers for Mifkad.  

The Pavillion
This is an open air shelter where we play fun activities like ping pong and host Rikud on Friday evenings.

A & C
This large building houses all our fun arts and crafts activities such as tie-dye, melty beads, shrinky dinks and of course beading and boondoggle. We also use this area to do all the prep work for our fantastic camper banquets!

Our gymnastics chug is held here.  We have some great gymnastics equipment like, bars, rings, springboards and mats. 

Another indoor building but with open air mesh windows.  We hold several dance activities here as well as where we choreograph and rehearse the Visitors Day Dance.

A very popular chug in camp is our ropes course.  There are 4 different climbing apparatus to keep all campers challenged including The X and the Vertical Playpen.  We have a timed contest to see who can climb to the top the fastest and the winner gets to raise the flag!

The best and most popular part of camp is of course our beautiful waterfront on Lake Muskoka.  It is situated in a semi-private bay with a forest on one side and cottages on the other. All our water activities are run from this spot including ski, canoe, instructional swim, beach games and the best floaty in the lake, the Iceberg. 

We have 24 camper cabins all named after a city in Israel.  These cabins house anywhere from 10-16 campers. They are all equipped with bunk beds and their own washrooms, showers are in a separate cabin.

Other Areas of Interest
Club Med – where we have an on-site nurse and all medications are kept safe.
The Tuck Shop – Campers get to order treats 3x per week.
Archery – on the way up the Lions Head hike.
Lions Head – A great hike starting from the main gate takes campers to a magnificent view of the whole bay and waterfront.
Fire Pits – we have two fire pits, one located near the camper cabins and one at the waterfront.  They host some of the best evening activities and of course making s’mores!